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Welcome to Surrect Media's Summer Newsletter

It’s summer time which means it’s raining, or your at work and it’s really sunny outside…which means it will be raining at the weekend.

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To keep you entertained whilst you’re sat in front of computer we have mangled together our super duper newsletter that, whilst not being a serious threat to weather inflicted boredom, may give you at least an hour’s distraction. Enjoy...

p.s. Like our manga team pic's? - Create your own manga profile...male furry | female furry


Software/Online Application of the Month...
TiltShift Wicked Photo Manipulation Software

This nifty little programme gives you the power to create some sexy "photographic" finishes to your mobile and/or website images.

TiltShift - Before/After
The programme is powered by the (always trustworthy) Adobe air application which should be installed before running the TiltShift programme. Not only can you run TiltShift but a host of other useful programmes are rapidly becoming available, so keep your eyes peeled!

Website | AIR Installer | Application Download

MacGyver Tip
Erase Sticker Gunk?

Ever tried to get stickers off of something, and thirty profanity-laced minutes later, you're no further then when you started? Pink erasers to the rescue!

For instance, say you used to have a Tony Blair bumper sticker on your laptop case...hypothetically. There's some pretty nasty residue left over, but a simple pencil eraser session should do the clean-up trick...hope this helps you out of that "sticky" situation...

...more from MacGyver in our next newsletter!


MacGyver Tip

Latest News IconOur Latest News in Brief...
Keep updated with our latest news section!

Our regularly updated and always informative news section is now live on the site. This little gem allows you to keep up to date with our various projects and general Surrect Media going ons.

Here are just a few snippets:


“Loomis Moves Money - We have Moved Loomis Marketing – Loomis asked Surrect to "rebrand" their marketing material – revolutionising the vision of their new marketing more

“New Video Toy! 6 Metre Remote Control Camera Crane – 360 Digital Imaging is our sister 360 photography company, they have just finished final tests on their 6 metre more

“Get viral with Surrect – SURRECT MEDIA can offer a tailored viral video campaign to market your product across a spectrum of delivery more

“Surrect 24 Style - Gateway Touch Screen – We have just finished a new touch screen application for Gateway (part of Hull City Council) commissioned by GH Productions more

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Super Size your Screen
Still seeing everything in 800x600, let us help you step it up.

As websites expand we try and accommodate every resolution we possibly can but as the average resolution is now 1024 x 768, viewing anything at 800x600 is simply criminal. So, here we have a simple 4 step tutorial to giving you a little more 'screen'. (Windows XP Tutorial)

  1. On your desktop, right click on your mouse.
  2. A menu panel will drop down, select 'properties' at the bottom of the panel.
  3. A new window will open up (called 'Display Properties') select the last tab called Settings
  4. Now slide the slider (called Screen Resolution) towards the right you will see the size change accordingly - please be aware the size of your icons and text will get small on screen but it will give you more of a workspace to look at. (ie.1024x768)
  5. That's it - hit 'Apply' and 'OK' and you are ready to see more of the web.
Super Size your Screen

Plus you will be lowering your chances of RSI as you will be doing a lot less scrolling. Don't say we don't look after you!

Hot Tips

Hot Tips (Industry Insider Tips)

Ctrl + S - save, save, save!
Ctrl + Z - to undo your last action!
Ctrl + C - copy an item, text, etc.
Ctrl + V - Paste the item, etc. you have copied.
Ctrl + F5 - "Hard" Refresh your browser window!


Magnum PI ImageiPHONE Application of the Month...
Zombies, Zombies Everywhere!!!

With over 65,000 titles currently available on the Apple App Store, it can be quite a challenge to find some of the hidden gems nestled away between the countless Twitter, Instant Messenger and other various social networking apps. The flagship title from Electronic Arts newly founded Indie studio, 8lb Gorilla, is no exception to this rule.

"Zombies & Me" is a pick-up-and-play, 59p title that to date has sapped away more of my free time than I’m willing to recount. Set in the apocolyptic, Zombie inhabited backyard of your dear old Grandma's house, you are tasked with keeping the ravenous Zombies at bay from Granny's door by speeding around her garden attracting the attention of any nearby brain hungry undead, leading them to their timely death by the hands of the countless bombs pebbledashing Granny's prized begonias.

iPHONE Application 1

Picking up the general jist of the game takes but a few seconds before you're hammering around the relatively restricted boundaries of the level, leading hordes of undead to their demise with a few swift taps in the appropriate direction, watching as they're instantly transformed into a fine paste and you're rewarded with a gratifying, blood splattered rank detailing your genocidal tendancies.

Overall, the graphics are very polished and the bobble-head-esque animations of both the Zombies and the protagonist are both seamless and fun to watch, providing you can find the time to avert your eyes from the surrounding Zombie massacre. The macabre atmosphere of Granny's unkempt, war-torn, Zombie unfested garden blend perfectly with the (minimal, yet effective) sound effects of Zombie jam from the detonating nukes which really does bring a smile to your face.

iPHONE Application 2

Whilst there are currently no leaderboards or global highscores, the developers at 8lb Gorilla have stated that this may be on the cards pending a successful reception from the App Store, however, local highscores are currently implemented which detail a very worrying incline in the total play time and Zombie kill count I have accumulated to date.

If you're looking for a fun and simple way to kill a few minutes (and some undead hordes) whilst commuting to work or waiting in line at the cinema, I suggest you hit up the App Store and purchase a copy without delay. Here's hoping for another top notch game from the guys over at 8lb Gorilla. I wish them the best of luck and I look forward to seeing some interesting future releases.

Twitter | Demo Video

A few NEW Brands from Surrect...
We do love our brand design!

Surrect Brand 1
Surrect Brand 2
Surrect Brand 3

Branding such as logo design and company identity is one of the most important aspects of your business. It can define how people perceive your business before they have even met you. A strong, intelligently created brand can allow you to make a bold first impression on potential clients and customers. Above are some examples of our recently created brands.

Brand Development on our Website

Website of the Month
Love news? Grab an overview in brief...

Newsmap is a clever news site that allows you to customize which news articles are displayed. If you are sick of having to trawl through sports articles to see the news you are interested in then you can simply turn off all sports related news. The site also allows you to choose which country’s news results you see.

Newsmap is powered by information from the Google News aggregator which provides a visual guide to the latest headlines.

Newsmap Image

The relationships between stories are shown using a bold colour-coded tree map, which is a good way to keep up to date with the news at a glance. A preview of each news article pops up when the mouse is hovered over a headline - click on it to be taken to the full story.

If you register, you can customise the homepage to always open with your own preferences as a default setting.


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Breon Snowdon

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