2014 Design Trends

So its that time of the year when all designers consider or speculate on the forthcoming years trends, so I thought I might write a quick article based on what I think will be trending in 2014, what do you think?

Stock Photography

We will see a massive shift from “stock” photography - setup photos of folks looking very happy with themselves in dreamy locations - to photos of real people, these will help strike a cord with real people and instil a realism to website users.

Large Images

We are an image-driven culture. We love large, eye-popping images within a website, whether they come as a large background image or some high-resolution images that capture the user’s eye when they land on your website. Low-quality, smaller images will look even cheaper and less professional as 2014 gets rolling.

Flat Design

Flat design can be elegant and aesthetically pleasing when done well. Even with a flat design, your graphic design can give depth to important page elements or calls to action. The level of depth and manipulation of graphics will be significantly less than in the past.

Responsive Design

One of the most talked-about trends in 2013 should reach fever pitch in 2014, as more and more websites will be optimized to view on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. The growing army of people surfing the web from their mobile devices is driving this trend.

Mix-and-Match Typography

Ok, this one is tricky because many websites try, and only some succeed in successfully mixing and matching several fonts. In general, you want to stick with one font in each larger typographical category (i.e. one serif with one sans-serif, or one serif with one script, or one script with one serif and one sans-serif).

Interactive Infographics

Infographics are a hot trend right now, so why not create an infographic that viewers can interact with? This opens new possibilities on how to present useful information that relates to your product or service.

Even More Animated GIFs

Just like video backgrounds, Animated GIFs provides websites with movement and a simple bit of “wow”. They went out of vogue due to quality and file size, but with modern internet speeds we can make beautiful auto-playing animations. While GIFs have been on the return, we think 2014 will be their fanciest year yet.

Video Backgrounds

Video background provides a stagnant site with some movement. It can really make a site stand out from the rest. Not to mention it can look striking, and engage visitors to want to stay on the site even longer.


I think 2013 was the year of the mustache, so 2014 will be the year of the beard! All that wisdom, masculinity and of course egg from the mornings egg bap.

Posted on 6th Jan 2014 21:13:15 by REAL

Tags: 2014 Design Trends, Responsive Design, Mix-and-Match Typography, Beards.

2014 Design Trends 2014 Design Trends 2014 Design Trends 2014 Design Trends 2014 Design Trends 2014 Design Trends

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