Copywriting - Read this, it will change your life!

Are you Losing Customers through Bland Copy?

Marketing copy needs to pull people in, and at the same time appeal to your target audience. Does yours? Does the content on your website, in your blogs and brochures effectively call readers to action? Is your website ranking high in Google for your top keywords? Are you getting the enquiries you expected?

If your copy’s not cutting the mustard, we seriously recommend using a professional copywriter. As well as making sure everything is spelt correctly and grammar-perfect and that your Google keywords are all included, they know how to grab attention and are experts in using just the right tone of voice to suit the audience. If you wouldn’t dream of DIY-ing it when it comes to designing your website or brochure in favour of leaving it to the experts, why not think along the same lines when it comes to your copy? Because it’s the copy that will make or break it.

How a Copywriter Works

Often clients will ask, ‘How can someone who doesn’t know anything about my business or industry write about it?’. But copywriters are total research-pros. They pose questions that you don’t realise are being used to extract vital information like USPs and company values. They study your customers, the tone of voice they are familiar with. They look at your competitors and observe how they are communicating. All of this before they even begin to develop a style and come up with words that will compel and sell.

Copywriting is a true craft, just like design, and just like your area of expertise. So why not leave it to the professionals?

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Copywriting - Read this, it will change your life!

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