Corporate Social Responsibility

We care about giving something back to society and want to make a genuine difference to people’s everyday lives.
Our commitment to creating content that inspires people’s passions is matched by our own passion to be a responsible employer. We strive to deal ethically with our partners, preserve our precious environment and create a safe and happy workplace for our staff.

Sourcing responsible forest products is important to us as is raising awareness of green issues and supporting the Immediate community. That’s why we are tireless supporters of fundraising events for local and national charities.

We have a responsible approach to purchasing environmentally friendly products and we take advantage of the best available techniques and information.

Our people are at the heart of what we do, so we are always looking for new ways to support them and make our environment a safer and more fun place to work.

We support national organisations that nurture and develop people of all ages through activities that enhance communications skills and local groups that improve education skills through sights and senses.

Ultimately, we work best with partners and organisations that match our culture values, as we strive to make a difference to people’s every day lives.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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