Creating a BRAND

We were asked to develop a brand for a Health and Fitness company, the core value of the business is to provide personal training service. It was fundamental to have a brand that it appeals to both male and female clients.

Hero Fitness & Nutrition had a direction they wanted us to go down, we started with sketching ideas out on paper - this allows us to quickly work out what works and what doesn’t. These are then supplied to the client to be reviewed, they came back with tons of constructive feedback which we took onboard and then reworked the ideas up.

Artwork scanned in, we then work within Illustrator to vectorise all relevant artwork ...working from the centre outward, expanding and exhausting all ideas. Once the client had seen the vector silhouette of the superheroes - we had “nailed it” - working in black ensures the logo will work in most formats and layouts.

With the core shape developed, we start to work with colour. Having both a male and female figures allows us to play with colour a bit more and focus the brand towards both markets. With that in mind we can then also tailor products and marketing towards both or singular markets.

Hero Fitness & Nutrition -


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Creating a BRAND Creating a BRAND Creating a BRAND

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