decarbonite HanSolo Campaign

We want to create an online engagement marketing campaign that used multi online mediums; social media, live streaming, online marketing and competitions.

Using social media we wanted to create a campaign that ‘plays’ on the launch of the new Star Wars film ‘The Last Jedi’ - which was in cinemas december 17th 2017 - the idea was to incase a “Han Solo” toy in a block of ice to replicate him being released from carbonite using live streaming, to engage with people and showing them the “de-carbonation” or melt live.

With twitter as our engagement platform, we wanted to use this service to increase the thawing process - every time someone tweets with hashtag #decarboniteHan, the heater pointed at the block of ice would increase in heat, this coupled with the opportunity for a user to win a bundle of star wars products for being the closest tweet to him falling out, will create a huge buzz.

How we did it

We started by running some “melt” tests, looking at the best way to display the block of ice on camera, roughly how long it might take to melt and working with code and hardware to increase the heaters temperature.

We also wanted to create some animated insert skits, which we made with flat 3D models from PixelSquid, layered up in Photoshop and then pushed into Adobe CC Animator. We used Animator to sync to actors movements via a webcam, this worked great to give the stormtroopers some human qualities.

“So I found some droids but I am not sure if they are the right ones?!”

We built a star wars inspired hud to display the live video feeds, live twitter feed, temperature gauge and insert videos. The live stream was setup in Whites Hire Studio, with our live vision mix system; we ran two cameras into the mix - one wide main angle shot and a DSLR with a macro lens, for a nice tight shot - and coupled with a super wide overview ip camera, gave us enough options to cover anything that happens live.

We hooked our social media feed system in to the vision mixer, which allowed targeted tweets to be add automatically to the screen as they happen, this then triggers our code to increase the temperature of the heater.

The results

We ran the experiment on the 15th of December (thursday afternoon), the live stream started at 2pm and ran for 1 hour and 20 minutes. We had over 250 people take part in the full campaign, 650+ tweets with a reach of over 290,000 and impressions close to 2 million.

Of course watching ice melt is very much like watching paint drying, but the average dwell time on the YouTube live steam was around 8 minutes. If you want to see the campaign’s full data sheet, you can download it here.

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Tags: Live Streaming Production, Broadcast Solution.

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