Augmented Reality Cover

Augmented Reality Cover

We were recently asked to revisit the development of a new AR cover for Earth Publishing’s Print Solutions magazine; we did their first AR cover in May 2013. With print deadlines being so tight we were given a few days to develop the animation and create the AR triggers.

We received the cover image of a roadster and simple cover copy, to which we started working up the animation.

Firstly, we cutout each part of the car in Photoshop and layered the pieces. Once all preparation work was done we loaded the files into After Effects, using inverse kinematics we connected the wheel and axes to create the animation, then connecting the engine body as a parent and adding the ‘revving’ animation synced to the sound effects.

New proof of concept animation for @EarthIslandUK next cover AR. Still photography to life! @Photoshop @AdobeAE @Layar #AugmentedReality

— Breon Snowdon (@realdesign_) April 20, 2017

With the main body of animation created and synced, we added a random movement effect called a wiggle which was then controlled via a scalar slider to give the complete motion a more realistic movement.

To add additional realism, we added fire exhaling from motor vents which was synced with sound effects and smoke exiting the back of the roadster. We then added some lighting and lens flare to the headlights, again synced to the revving sound effects and tracked to match the random movement.

Once all the main car elements were created we could then drop the cover copy over the top and add the final text animations - 3D scaling, rotation and fading out. All animation done we then outputted the final file for online delivery.

Trust us - you'll want to read May's issue of Print Solutions with @Layar #sneakpreview #AR @EarthIslandUK

— Bluprint UK Ltd (@BluprintUK) May 3, 2017

This AR uses Layar as a trigger system, we load the content and submit for delivery, so now the cover is active and available to readers.

???? Watching print come to life with May’s Print Solutions cover! Open yours for more print innovation @EarthIslandUK #AR #EasyClingChallenge

— Bluprint UK Ltd (@BluprintUK) May 10, 2017

If you would like to discuss creating your own AR campaigns for your business, contact us via 0845 166 2901 or and we can build your bespoke campaign.

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Quarter at REAL update

Quarter at REAL update

Well it has been a productive first quarter of 2014 at REAL - we have created a multitude of media for some of our clients so far, everything from a 3D visual interior web app to an augmented reality magazine cover - we have been super busy. So to bring you up-to-date we are going to just have a quick recap of some of the work we have being doing.

AR (augmented reality) Print Cover

We were asked by Earth Publishing to create an immersive and interactive cover for their fourth edition of Print Solutions. We were given carte blanche as long as the cover was organic, eco-friendly and paper oriented. We set out by creating a magical forest scene, photographing & filming each element for the interactive cover. We then created our 3D origami birds, these would actually be 3 dimensional in in 3D space within the views device. The whole experience is wrapped in Polestar’s app PolestarGo - watch the video below to see the cover in action or download the app and scan scan the enlarged image (click on it) to the left.

PolestarGo App Download: Android / IOS
Stats: 200GB of video data, 100 photos, 38 hours of photoshop work, 6 origami birds, 1 model.

Arrival’s 3D visual Interior web app

Arrival Design came to us to develop a highly realistic 3D environment, which the end web user can swap and change elements within the interactive web app. We created two rooms; kitchen and bedroom, which the user can select different styles of door, then colours or wood textures and finally a selection of handles. The whole application is wrapped in a beautiful website created by Arrival, we are very proud of the application created for them.


Stats: 10,000 lines of vanilla code, 6,500 separately rendered files, 120 photoshop layers, 10 problem solving ideas, 2 great 3D virtual rooms.

Hull Peoples Premium Text System

At the HPP they have a remit to offer assistance to the people in most need, this is via as many communication methods as possible, with over 94% of the UK owning a mobile phone, our text system can market directly to the end user offering current and updated information, in HPP’s case this is information on how to save money, access social funds and help with council issues. For a demo of our text system text HDLIVE to 60999 followed by your message.

Stats: 5,000 text credits, over 600 opt’ed in users, 140 characters, 2 beta successful campaigns.

Vanquish Responsive Website

London / Egypt based Vanquish Real Estate contacted REAL via a customer referral and asked us to invigorate their brand and develop a new shinny responsive website for them. We started with sketches and simple mockups, then developing a simple framework to make sure the responsive “folds” laid-out correctly. Once we were 100% happy with our frontend code, we then knitted it in to our bespoke content management system, for all the bespoke rewritten content to be added and data driven.


Stats: 2000 custom lines of php code, 10 pages of bespoke rewritten content, 2 mock-up designs, 1 custom case studies module.

Working together starts here! Email us or give us a call on 01482 21 22 00

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Augmented Reality brings Print to Life

Augmented Reality brings Print to Life

We were asked by Polestar to create an interactive augmented video to accompany their printed brochure media for PolestarLive to display and show off how print media is evolving and how the gap between print and digital media are getting closer.

PolestarLive brings the printed page to life, by transforming it into a truly interactive experience, through the inclusion of video, 3D and animations. Polestar now provides a full Augmented Reality service with PolestarLive from initial creative brief to final printing and production.

We created a set of animated butterfly’s that match the artwork on the printed brochure, these then come to life when you hover your phone over it run the app Visualise (augmented reality app) and see them come to life.

1.    Create interactive idea (create a campaign that has value, user experience and market worth)
2.    Develop Print artwork from idea
3.    Create a 3D environment and animation to match the print artwork
4.    Compile the app and assign the image of the print artwork to the campaign
5.    Deploy & Distribute

Check out the video below to see the simple app in action along with some attached stills

Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality, in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer.

Polestar Group UK –
3D Studio Max -

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