Delivering a Professional Brand & Website

Delivering a Professional Brand & Website

I am a massive believer in using professionals for a required services, if I need my boiler fixing, I don’t want to attempt to fix the problem myself, I would contact a professional and get them to sort the issue out and put my mind at rest with a solution.

So why not the same scenario when developing your business brand, logo, website or any promotional material. If your business is your livelihood then its fair to say you want to portray a professional image to prospective customers, so with this in mind just take stock before being coaxed by service such as 1&1 or GoDaddys websitebuilder offers, these might sound like a great deal, along with phrases like “well you built your business now build your website” fills me with pure dread, yes you built your business but you know your business…and unless your business is in design or web design then should you really be the person to design the first impression your potential customers will see?

1&1 Webbuilder and GoDaddy Builder

As a designer I am passionate about design and I believe that as an expert* in this field every business - no matter how big or small - needs to portray themselves as professional as possible, this is a stand for all designers, web developers or any creative. Just because we all have a computer, some free photo editing software and google images does not make everyone a designer.

Everything we design is 100% bespoke and designed based on what we take from the brief and clients needs, we always spend as much time as we can with clients listening to them talk about their business, taking their passion and turning that into something that represents that clients ideals, ethos and ethical stand making sure we cover all aspects and meets with that clients approval.

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*I use the word expert loosely, I think there is far too much to actually know and thus I truly believe that knowing everything will probably never happen, everything changes from month to month and this makes the process/business even more intriguing.

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Creating a BRAND

Creating a BRAND

We were asked to develop a brand for a Health and Fitness company, the core value of the business is to provide personal training service. It was fundamental to have a brand that it appeals to both male and female clients.

Hero Fitness & Nutrition had a direction they wanted us to go down, we started with sketching ideas out on paper - this allows us to quickly work out what works and what doesn’t. These are then supplied to the client to be reviewed, they came back with tons of constructive feedback which we took onboard and then reworked the ideas up.

Artwork scanned in, we then work within Illustrator to vectorise all relevant artwork ...working from the centre outward, expanding and exhausting all ideas. Once the client had seen the vector silhouette of the superheroes - we had “nailed it” - working in black ensures the logo will work in most formats and layouts.

With the core shape developed, we start to work with colour. Having both a male and female figures allows us to play with colour a bit more and focus the brand towards both markets. With that in mind we can then also tailor products and marketing towards both or singular markets.

Hero Fitness & Nutrition -


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