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Hi, Merry Christmas!

Thank you for making 2015 such a fantastic year and we look forward to working with you in 2016! Look out for our new website and showreel in the new year!

So take 5 minutes out, grab a coffee or tea and spoil yourself a bit with our latest e-newsletter...Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Here is our eChristmas Card to you! you can create your own eChristmas Card and send it to your friends & family, or just post it on twitter...go on, click here > Make my eChristmas Card!

The studio is closed from the 23rd of December 2014 to the 4th of January 2015
We will have access to studio email ( and will try to deal with every enquiry as we can. If you need to speak with me, please feel free to contact me on my mobile 07941 264 293. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Site of the Month
Check Your Tone And Write Emails That Are More Polite

Manners maketh man and if you've seen Kingsman you already know that. Manners go beyond just giving the elderly your seat in a packed train or holding the door open for someone. They extend to how you communicate and when you're working, how you say something matters even more.

Site of the Month

Fox Type is a web app that analyzes how polite or how rude a message is. You can use it to analyze just about any text and it will show you, through a tone scale, how politely or rudely you are talking to people. The app not only provides an indicator but it also explains why some words might be deemed rude, and provides alternatives that are either more polite, or more neutral in tone.

Visit Fox Type and paste your text in the input field at the top. Click 'Check Tone' and the tone indicator will show you where you stand. The website

MacGyver Tip
LEGO Figures Make Perfect Cable Holders

Who knew that LEGO designed their figures' hands perfectly to hold Apple lightning and other types of cables? Stick a LEGO brick on your desk, attach LEGO figure(s), and, voila, an ingenious cord-catching solution.

You can also hold keys, your phone, and just about anything else with a LEGO brick and a little bit of super glue! But now you can add an army of LEGO figures to prevent your cables from getting lost....

...more from MacGyver in our next newsletter!


MacGyver Tip

Some exciting projects we have be working on
Quick snippet of what we have been up to over the last few months!

Pure Broadband Promotional Material
Hull's Premier broadband company Pure, asked us to come up with an office load of promotional items, we created mock-ups of items and then had them all printed and ready to ship for all their lovely customers.

Cloud Pass Management System
Development of new brands is something we crave at REAL. Pass asked us to create a brand that represents their cloud based management systems.

Jobs of the month

Teckno Solutions
Working with Teckno Solutions for over a year on ideas and content and the best way to introduce their fantastic services to existing and new customers, we developed a new responsive, content managed website that we are very proud of.

TSR - Top Security Rangers
TSR asked us to create a new fully responsive, content managed website - concentrating on making the users experience more bespoke and engaging, the site not only did this increase by 200% uptake but has lifted the level of brand awareness for the company.

Cloud Pass Management System Logo Development Teckno Solutions Website Design & Development Pure Broadband Top Security Rangers Website Design & Development

For further information on our services please email or call us on 01482 21 22 00

Hot Tips

Hot Tips (Industry Insider Tips)

Ctrl + Shift + Arrow - Select a block of text
Windows Key + D - Display and hide the desktop
Windows Key + M - Minimize all windows
Ctrl + Shift + N - Create a new folder
Alt + Enter - Display properties for the selected item

...HOT - HOT - HOT!


FREE eChristmas Card
How we made our Christmas eCard

We built our original eCard back in 2012 which was a great success and served us well but things have changed online so much in the last few years that we have decided to update it and make it even better.

So what have we changed?

The whole UX (user experience), we have made it mobile ready and enabled; so you can take a photo and upload it directly into the card page, as well as "drag and drop" right into the page but if you are still using Windows 98* you can pick a photo from your computer's drive. Once uploaded you then need to crop the image as close you can to your face to fit the final image. *only joking, only IE 10 and up is supported.

Merry Christmas!

Once cropped, we then overlay some new beautiful stylised illustrations over the top of your photo, this then lets you select the "look" you want to use.

Once you have "designed" your card - you can then save it as a JPG and send it on or print it off, as well as share the page on social media or send it via email - personalised card instantly for FREE! Make yours here and share it with us so we can see it! Click here > Make my eChristmas Card!

If you'd like more information on what services we can provide for you and your company, please feel free to give us a call on 01482 21 22 00, 08451 662 901 or contact us via email


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Best Wishes,

Breon & the REAL TEAM

p.s. We are devoted to creating fantastic solutions to help you sell your product or service.
Whatever the project you may be thinking of doing, give us a ring and let us help you - our advice is completely free.

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