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Hello Breon

Welcome to the gentle elbow in the side that is the September edition of the REAL DESIGN's newsletter. Conveniently timed to distract you from the fact that the 'Summer' is now over and morning traffic will be back to its normal busy self.

We have been busy the last few months developing and finishing some new sites, creating brands, editing and filming along with a bit of 3D Architectural Visualization. Please make a coffee/tea sit back and have 5 minutes with us...
Easy to upade and flexible...

We have overhauled our award wining site, with a new design and some new features. A clever system to sort through our ever growing portfolio, easy updatable news, awards and portfolio sections, along with an all new RSS feed. Please have a look around and if there is anything we can do for you drop us a line...

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Design and Flash by Jamie Hunter - REAL DESIGN

DHP Magazines Online
Client managed sites which provide a wealth of dynamic content...

Real has completed 8 unique, database driven, web sites for the biggest fishing magazine publisher in the UK.

DHP Publishing wanted all their major titles to have an individual site where the content could be tailored by them to reflect the current issue and its contents along with reviews of products, related news, purchasable items and video clips.

Real created a custom built content management system to fulfil this need for client managed dynamic content. The content manager has full control over all the content at all times, making the content as fresh and current as humanly possible.

From an advertising revenue point of view, the site is brilliantly tailored to manage all the sponsorship, providing statistics of advertisement performance on demand and a time based automatic delivery system which simply cannot fail.

Total Course Magazine

Here is the testimony of the content manager, Dave Wesson:

"REAL have managed to follow the brief to the letter and design eight magazine websites that capture the feel of each of our titles perfectly. Nothing was ever too much trouble during the development and if I wanted something changing, they were only too happy to administer all requests. Even now the sites are all up and running, if I need their help with anything they are always on hand straight away. I would have no hesitation in using them on all our future projects.",,,,,,,

Design by Breon Snowdon - REAL DESIGN
Templete by Jamie Hunter - REAL DESIGN
Backend Developed by Mark Wheldon - REAL DESIGN

Edu Ceramic Artist - Pots and Sculptures
An online sculptured masterpiece...

South African ceramic artist Edu Vaughan-Scott hired REAL to design and produce an on-line portfolio of his work. The centrepiece of the site is the full screen display of the pots themselves, these in turn pan with the users mouse movements allowing the image to remain un-cropped. As well as full shots, the site also uses macro shots of the ceramic surfaces to show the individual detail of the pots.
 Edu Ceramic Artist

Design and Flash by Jamie Hunter - REAL DESIGN
Photographys by Dave Snowdon

Adeli's - Food With Thought
Superb Private & Corporate Catering online...

REAL have recently completed work on design and branding for a new online deli. The brand, whilst contemporary, has a slight retro tilt to make it stand out from similar designs. The design will be implemented across a full range of business cards, flyers, letterheads and other print based materials. The Adeli's site will feature a complete menu of the delicacies on offer and an on-line ordering and delivery service.
 Adeli's? - Food With Thought

Design and Development by Breon Snowdon - REAL DESIGN

Monkey Tactics Campaign
Make a connection...
Make a connection...
New Brands RK Boutique - Exclusive Online Boutique

RK Boutique Logo

by Breon Snowdon - REAL


NB Sewing - Bespoke  Blinds & Curtains

NB Sewing Logo
by Breon Snowdon - REAL

----------------------------------- - Photography Course?

Click Carp Logo
by Breon Snowdon - REAL

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Won Awards

REALs Edu Pots site has cleaned up on the awards front. Winning the Prestige's D.O.P.E Award, it has been featured in the 'Professional' section of their site.

Secondly being featured on the Design Licks awards site.
Design Licks Logo
And then receiving 'Site of the Week' from - describing the site as "Just Great" Logo
Its G8 on a smaller scale...

REAL have started an offshoot site to help raise awareness of environmental issues within the media industry. Recently a lot of the companies we work with have been asking why we use specific materials and/or companies, this site is designed to answer those questions and provide awareness of the environmental issues surrounding the industry we work in.

Visit the site & do your bit:

If you'd like more information on what services we can provide for you and your company, please feel free to give us a shout on 08451 662 901 or email

Thank you very much for your time, hope to hear from you soon. 

Breon Snowdon

p.s. We are devoted to creating fantastic solutions to help you sell your product and company. Whatever the project you may be thinking of doing, give us a ring and let us help you - our advice is completely free.
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