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Hello Breon

Welcome to this months REAL DESIGN Studios newsletter.

Right, it's that part of the year again when it starts getting colder, daylight seems to be at a premium and everybody is a little depressed (this had actually been diagnosed as SAD)

So in an attempt to distract you from the weather, disappointing sporting performances and the fact that Christmas isn't all that far off, we present the roundup of our monthly shenanigans featuring current work, useful tips and tricks and random Simpson's inspired caricatures...Enjoy

Super size your screen
Still seeing everything in 800x600, let us help you step it up.

As websites expand we try and accommodate every resolution we possibly can but as the average resolution is now 1024 x 768, viewing anything at 800x600 is simply criminal. So, here we have a simple 4 step tutorial to giving you a little more 'screen'. (Windows XP Tutorial)

1. On your desktop, right click on your mouse.
2. A menu panel will drop down, select 'properties' at the bottom of the panel.
3. A new window will open up (called 'Display Properties') select the last tab called 'Settings'
4. Now slide the slider (called Screen Resolution) towards the right you will see the size change
    accordingly - please be aware the size of your icons and text will get small on screen but it will give
    you more of a workspace to look at. (ie.1024x768)
5. That's it - hit 'Apply' and 'OK' and you are ready to see more of the web. Plus you will be lowering
    your chances of RSI as you will be doing a lot less scrolling. Don't say we don't look after you!
Super Size Your Screen
PDF Forge ImageREAL Freebie!
Join the 'paperless' revolution...

Here at REAL we are always on the look out for new and free software which will help save some valuable seconds during the day.

This month's freebie is a fantastic find! In keeping with our green polices and paperless solutions we found a programme that will convert most files into an Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) thus allowing you to send it securely over the internet.

Download Link:

*All software is tested and scanned at point of testing but we are not responsible for any third party products - please read all documentation on supplier's site before installing.


NB Sewing - Bespoke Curtains, Blinds & Embroidery
New business branding.

We developed a new brand for NB Sewing, creating a classy
identity and style which we then applied to all their business
stationery; letterheads, compliment slips, folded business card
and NCR sets. REAL are also in the process of finalizing the online
side of this campaign.
 NB Sewing Stationery (Beta Site)

Design and Site by Breon Snowdon - REAL DESIGN

MacGyver Tip
Revive a Dead Laptop Battery in the Freezer...

Looks like a little freezer time can revive a dead laptop battery
by freezing it for 14 to 15 hours. We have tried this trick
ourselves and it worked a treat! Let us know if you have tried
 MacGyver Tip
Video Link:
Click Here to see the video on MetaCafe

What else have we got in our freezer? Ink cartridges full and
empty ones, (before making our trip to
Rechargeable batteries, (hey if it works with a laptop battery)
and next newsletter our report on a damaged hard drive that's
sat next to a bunch of ice lollies which were waiting for the
summer that never came...

Fishing Photogarphy Course...

REAL created ClickCarp's brand and then moved swiftly on to
setup and develop their online presence. The site is small, simple
and effective showing the user all the relevant information quickly
and easily.

Design and Site by Breon Snowdon - REAL DESIGN

New Brands
Mega Hair Brazil
Exclusive Hair Extensions

Mega Hair Brazil Logo

by Breon Snowdon - REAL


All Interiors - Camo
Covered House Hold Goods

All InteriorsLogo
by Breon Snowdon - REAL


Make a connection...
Make a connection...
Monkey Tactics Campaign
REALSEOSEO: Search Engine Optimisation.
A new breed of website...

The only thing on every client's new brief is get a top ranking site on Google search engine, there are whole lot of companies out there just offering SEO services, programs and blog's devoted to this very broad topic.

This is something we are very passionate about and I would like to share a few points I have discovered whilst studying and applying this services. This is a new service we are offering to our clients, it's a evolving enviroment, every business is trying to get higher ranking, which means client and developer need to putting a lot of time into your site, monitoring its progress. Below are a few things you can already be doing to get a better ranking.

1. Links! But good links
Getting a good ranking relays on good links between sites, the more links going to your site and from it - the better, but Google has standards! They can't just be any old site! They have to be a well structured, informative and competent.

So I suggest getting in touch with all the online directories that will give you a free listing and a free  web link. Linking out from your site to relevant sites, for example a food caterer should link to the 'governments healthy eating' sites, thus showing relevant information and getting an outward link.
Here are a few you should submit to:

    - dmoz (
    - Kelly Search (
    - UK Small Business Directory (
    - Business-Directory-UK (
    - ITV Local (
    - Free Index (
    - Touch Local (

2. Picking the right phrases
We used to put a bunch of keywords into a site that would be 'flagged' when typed into a search engine i.e. 'the, and, a,' but things have moved on. We now suggest you pick 3-4 spesific phrases that your user would type in to a search engine. So the food caterer should have "food catering service" and/or "event catering Yorkshire"

3. Informative content
Above all your site should be informative and educational, even the search engines think they will look for your phrases with in the content of your site, they will make sure it reads right and delivers good, relative information to your reader.

We have included a little note pad document which we use for copying and pasting information into the  online directories - it just makes it easier than typing it in a few dozen times, have a look at ours and then filling the template version in and use it to get the directories under way, also send it to us so we have a record and we can update your sites information. Click Here for REAL DESIGN's Version and/or here for our template version. Then select all the text and 'copy & paste' it in to a word or notepad file, add your information and save the file to use for all those site submissions.

If you are interested in working with us of your sites SEO please get in touch on 01482 212200 or
send me on email:

REAL's Site of the Month
Simpsonize Your Team.

This is of no use but to put a smile on your team's faces. Upload a front on head shot of your friends,
family, colleagues...etc. add a few touches to their profile, then save it and mail it to everyone you
know! Here's the REAL team all Simpsonized!


Design by Mark Wheldon - REAL DESIGN
REAL TEAM Simpsonized
If you'd like more information on what services we can provide for you and your company, please feel
free to give us a shout on 08451 662 901 or email

Thank you very much for your time, hope to hear from you soon. 

Breon Snowdon

p.s. We are devoted to creating fantastic solutions to help you sell your product and company.
Whatever the project you may be thinking of doing, give us a ring and let us help you - our advice is
completely free.

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